Saturday, 29 February 2020

2019/20 Newsblog Term 4 Week 1

Hello All

This week our Year 1 Dance Club performed at the Wyvern and they made everyone feel so proud of how they danced, how much effort they put in and the way they behaved - a huge thank you to all the children, families and staff that supported them - photo below:) 

  • Dates for Diary
  • Lent - 40 Acts for Families
  • Tadpole take on Sport Relief
  • Y1 Dance Performance
  • #Tadpolebookrecycle - Library Monitor News
  • Advance Notice re One Day YN Closure on 7th May
  • DO’NUT Stop Reading Update
  • World Book Day - reminder of information sent by email at start of week
  • Parental Feedback always welcome
  • Message for Year Two parents
  • Community coffee mornings 
  • Message for Year 3 & Y4 Parents

Term 4 2019/20
08:45 - 10:00
Community Coffee Morning - Where to go when your family needs support? - all welcome
3.50 – 7.30

World Book Day - dressing up as adjectives…
08:45 - 10:00
Community Coffee Morning - The Importance of Play for everyone - all welcome

Sports Relief Day - see below
08:45 - 10:00
Community Coffee Morning - Celebrating St Patrick’s Day - all welcome
2:45 pm
Y1 Leading worship - Y1 parents welcome - more details to follow
Junior Voice Festival - more details to follow
08:45 - 10:00
Community Coffee Morning - Positive relationship, behaviour and routines - all welcome

Y4 Trip to Bristol Aerospace
30/3/2020 and 31/3/2020

Show Me Sessions YR, 2, 4 & 6
Mon – 3.30 – 5pm
Tues – 3.30 – 4.15pm
08:45 - 10:00
Community Coffee Morning - Find out more about the Tadpole Approach to Enquiry Based Learning - all welcome

Class Photos day
9:00- 9:45
Easter Service - more details to follow
4:30 - 5:15 pm - Y1/2/3 Easter Disco FOTF
5:45 - 6:30 pm - Y4/5/6 Easter Disco FOTF
more details to follow

Y1 Trip to Westonbirt - more details to follow
End of Term 4 – children finish at normal time

Lent - 40 Acts for Families
In school, the children are focusing, for Lent, on 40 Acts of Kindness and looking at what they can do for others - they are linking this to this term’s value of Generosity and what they can give to others rather than just what they can give up.  If you would like to follow this as a family go to - the family chart can be found using this link

Tadpole take on Sport Relief
The sports leaders and the school council came together to share ideas for the week and after much debated, they decided that, for Sports Relief Week, between the 9th-13th March, they all will 
  • complete a 'Disco Circuit Session' during their weekly PE session. 
  • take part in a 'Mindfulness Mystery’ - a range of activities to help calm the mind. 
  • Friday the 13th, for a donation of £1, dress up as their favourite sporting heroes or wear their sports kit to take part in the PUPILS v TEACHERS Dodgeball event … IT WILL BE COMPETITIVE... IT'S DEFINITELY GAME ON... which is sure to be an exciting activity for the children to look forward to. 

Y1 Dance Performance
This week our year 1 dance club children made us all proud as they performed in the Swindon and Wiltshire dance festival at the Wyvern Theatre. The children performed beautifully and confidently after weeks of hard work and practise! Well done Dance Club! 

#Tadpolebookrecycle - Library Monitor News
To show our value of Generosity this term and to also help promote reading in our local area, our team of Library Monitors, along with Mrs Honour and Miss Weston, went for a walk around our local area to distribute books that had been kindly donated by the team of Library Monitors. 
They took great care in wrapping them and writing lovely messages on them for other people to find!
If you are out and about and are lucky enough to find one, please take a picture of where you found it and don’t forget to Tweet us with our hashtag #Tadpolebookrecycle.
Once finished with the book, wrap it back up and hide it somewhere new, ready for the next eagerly awaiting child to find! Happy reading!

Advance Notice re One Day YN Closure on 7th May
Nursery is closed for the day while the staff attend the Swindon Nursery Conference

DO’NUT Stop Reading Update
Firstly, can we say a HUGE thank you for all of your contributions and for the children’s participation with this fundraising event. Without your help we would not be able to plan half of the exciting things we have organised for our upcoming Book Festival! 
We can now announce that we made an OUTSTANDING profit of £746 for this event, which is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much again! 
Below are a few of the photographs taken across the school during our day; we all enjoyed a delicious doughnut whilst being read a story by our class teacher (and don’t worry, us teachers enjoyed our doughnuts a bit later on!). 
Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Book Festival from ParentPay and save the date in your diaries: Saturday 13th June 2020! We have lots of exciting author talks, workshops and activities for you to enjoy. 
Many thanks again for your continued support, 
Mrs Honour & Miss Weston

World Book Day - reminder of information sent by email at start of week
For World Book Day this year, we are doing something slightly different! We would love you to dress as your favourite....ADJECTIVE! 
Be as creative as you like - we can’t wait to see all the different vocabulary you come as. There’s only one must be wearing your written word! 
If you are very well organised and already have a costume ready, please don't worry - you can still use this costume and just think of a fantastic adjective to go with it. 
We will also be sending home a lolly stick home with each child. We’d love for them to be decorated as your favourite book character! You could paint, collage, sew...whichever creative medium you’d like to use! 

Parental Feedback always welcome
I would just like to thank those parents who take the time to write to us about things that concern them; things they feel we are doing well or could do better at and who share their opinions.  We have two on-going areas that we are debating and hoping to make changes to, which have been started from parental feedback - one is Lilypad snack - this is undergoing a review following parental feedback and queries; another is the area of homework and the amount children get at different points - this may be a longer term project but one which the Local Board and maybe the wider Trust will have a view on too.  Sometimes things we do result in some very positive feedback ... and the same thing also results in people who don't agree with what is happening - the Greta Thunberg email being a case in point.  It's really positive that our community can be diverse and hold many views and those ones in particular will be passed on to the Academy Trust as it was a Trust wide decision, in line with the Church of England's climate emergency work. 
All your views are valuable to us - we are a reflective community and listen to and take account of individual views within the wider community context. Keep them coming:) 

Message for Year Two parents
Later this term, we would like to do some plant growing in Year 2 linked with an art project. Over the next two weeks could you please source a clean glass jar for your child to bring into school - labelled on the bottom with a permanent pen if possible. If you happen to have any spares we would be grateful in case of any accidents!
Thank you
Miss Webb and Miss Brandenburg

Community Coffee Mornings 
Great news! We know that many of you are unable to attend our coffee mornings, but of course that does not mean you are not interested in learning about our topics and ideas! So, we have added a page to our school website, which will be updated most weeks, sharing some photos from our coffee mornings and any useful information. Just click on Community Links, then coffee mornings and you can see all the news.

Message for Year 3  and 4 Parents
Y3 PE day for this term has changed from Friday to Monday; and Y4 has moved to Friday,
Many thanks,

The Y3 and Y4 Team