Sunday, 23 June 2019

2018/19 Newsblog Term 6 Week 3

Hello All

We find ourselves again at the whim of the British weather re Sports Day - please see below for plans as sadly the weather is beyond our control!  

In the blog this week:-

Term 6 dates
Your support is needed:) - news from the Friends of Tadpole Farm FOTF…
… Sports day refreshments; Summer Fayre and Bake Off!
Sports Week - remember it’s 'Wear your PE kit to school' every day this week - please check the PE kit description below as this is the kit the children should be wearing.
Shuffle Up Day coming up – new classes news!

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Term 6 - 2018/19   
24/6- 28/6

Sports week.
Children to wear PE kit to school every day.

Sports Day- See below
Parent Induction Meeting for YR

EYFS Worship about Compassion Note time for this is 2:30 pm
Parents of children in EYFS are invited to join us.
Year 2 parents invited to a taster session of school dinners- details on Parent Pay
11:30- 14:00
FOTF Summer Fayre

Shuffle up morning.
YN and YR new starters in.
All children visit their new class and teacher.

Shuffle up morning.
YN and YR new starters in.
All children visit their new class and teacher.
Young Carers and Service Children’s groups Picnic in the Park (leaving after shuffle up)

Shuffle up morning.
YN and YR new starters in.
All children visit their new class and teacher.

Y4 Trip to Oxenwood

Y1 trip to Bristol Zoo

KS2 End of Year Performance- Times to be confirmed
15:30- 17:30
Show me sessions for YR- Y6
15:30- 16:30
Show me sessions for YR- Y6 excluding Y2

Y2 Trip to Wild Place - so will not be doing Show Me Session on 16/7
Provisional date for Mini Police Certificates Assembly
End of Year Worship
If fine, we will be outside and all parents are invited to join us.
If wet, we will be inside and it will be Tadpole Farm children and staff only (as insufficient space in hall)

Your support is needed:) - news from the Friends of Tadpole Farm FOTF…
… Sports day refreshments; Summer Fayre and Bake Off!
We have a busy week this week ahead of our Summer Fayre on Saturday.
Sports Day-
Provided it goes ahead, we will be selling cold refreshments throughout sports day this year. We can take both cash and card .
Raffle Tickets-
These will be available to purchase after school on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday outside the school office and all day at Sports Day. £1 per ticket for £5 for a strip. We have got lots of great hampers up for grabs. You can purchase tickets up to 1pm with the draw happening at 1:30pm at the Fayre.
Setting up and helping
A massive thanks to those who came along on Wednesday and helped us sort out the sweetie cups. We are no longer meeting this Weds but instead we need help on Friday after school to start setting up. We have lots of things we need to move out of cars so please stay for a little bit after school if you can. We will meet by the office  from 3:30pm.
Summer Fayre
- Volunteers
We still are after lots of helpers on the day. Previous emails have had the link so please fill it out if you can now help, even if it is just for an hour. All volunteers get a food and meal voucher and a few free raffle tickets as a thank you from us.
We will have lots of food and drink available this year with our BBQ, Taste of Africa food stand and bar. We will be able to take cash and card for these. Don't forget our TGV Bake Off competition. Entries to be submitted by 12 noon on Saturday for judging (poster attached)
Please come along with your families and neighbours as it is promising to be a great day!

Sports Week
Remember it’s wear your School PE kits everyday this week.  Just a reminder that is as per school website:-
School PE Kit - for all
  • Black shorts
  • White round neck t-shirt
  • Daps/trainers
  • School logo hoodie or black non-logo tracksuit top
  • Black non-logo tracksuit bottoms or joggers
KS2 Race for Life Event - Y3/4/6 - are doing this event and sponsorship forms went home last week.  Please raise as much as you are able for this worthy cause.
Sports Day - Tuesday 25th June - details were in last week’s blog in terms of timings however we didn’t take account of the British weather… current forecast have weather warnings in place for Monday and Tuesday - Monday is significant because if the field is rained on heavily on Monday then it won’t be safe for running on on Tuesday.  We will take a decision at midday on Monday and email all parents to let them know if the events will be going ahead. If it becomes necessary to cancel the Sports Day on Tuesday, we apologise for the inconvenience this causes you if you have arranged time off - we do understand how frustrating it is for parents but we had hoped the summer would be more securely with us than it appears to be!  Please look out for an email at midday tomorrow to say whether the event will be on or off. In the event of a cancellation the children will still have the opportunity to do the planned races but we will fit them around the weather on other days - as this may be at short notice then, regretfully, parents will not be able to join us. We will, though, aim to share photos and news of the events on our website and blog.
Shuffle Up Day coming up – new classes news!

It’s only one week until our first shuffle up day – the day when the children move up to their September classes and do fun, getting to know you activities with their new teachers (where possible).  The classes and teachers for 2019/20 will be:-
YN – Hedgehogs – Mrs Onslow/Miss Cowan
YR –– Owls - Miss Cowan/Mrs Holt and Squirrels – Mrs Longhurst
Y1 – Foxes – Miss Grace and Badgers – Mrs Holloway
Y2 – Rabbits – Miss  Brandenberg and Moles – Miss Webb
Y3 – Woodpeckers – Mrs Honour and Kestrels – Mrs Philpot
Y4 – Otters – Mr Kirby/Mrs Knott and Woodmice – Miss Pearson
Y5 – Hares – Miss Ross (joining us in September) and Hawks - Mrs Fletcher
Y6 – Frogs – Miss Weston
Early Years (YR and YN) Leadership - Mrs Holt
Key Stage 1 (Y1 and Y2) Leadership - Mrs Flynn (who will also be leading on developing our approach to inclusion both within Tadpole and as part of a wider Academy Trust team)
Key Stage 2 (Y3/4/5/6) Leadership - Mrs Fletcher supported by Mr Spencer (who will also be Deputy Principal)
SENDCo - Miss Baker (who will be leading on Special Educational Needs and also be working as part of a wider Academy Trust Inclusion team and covering some classes for release time for other teachers here at Tadpole)

Some of our new colleagues can join us on some of the shuffle up days – your child will find out which class they are in on Monday 1st July.  Remember that the children learn across cohort so if they are not in the same registration group as their friends, please reassure them that they will still see them during learning and play time.  

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