Sunday, 14 October 2018

2018/19 Newsblog Term 1 Week 6

Hello All

It’s hard to believe we are just a week and a half away from the end of term 1.  This week we have the first of the parent/teacher appointments – please note we will not be able to run Show Me sessions this week, apologies for the late notice on this but you will have the time to see your child’s learning at the parent appointments.  In the newsblog this week:

Dates for the New School Year Term 1/2 only

Parent/teacher appointments reminder
Social Media and E-Safety
PE Kit, Uniform and Jewellery reminder
Flu Vaccination
Y2 No swimming reminder re this week and next
‘Tommy’ art sculpture visiting school for 36 hours
YN Need Magazines for Cutting Up

Dates for Term 1 and 2
Any updates will be in red
Term 1 and 2  2018/19
15/10 – 16/10

Please note the Show Me sessions will not be taking place this week due to parents meetings.  Parental access to Tapestry for YN and YR children and Seesaw for Y1/2/3/4/5/6 children until end of October holiday.
18/10 and 23/10
3:40 – 7:00 pm
Parent/teacher/pupil meetings – 10 minute slots for YR/1/2/3/4/5/6 – YN slots times as per those notified to parents on Monday 1st October
9:00 am
Open invitation to all parents to join us for Friday Celebration Worship - please note if this becomes very popular we may need to restrict numbers but we'll see how it goes for now.

Last day term 1 – school finishes normal time
25/10 – 4/11

October holiday – school closed

Additional Staff Training (INSET) day -  staff in school; no children in school

Children back to school normal times for start of term 2

Parent Workshop 1 – Reading/Phonics - more details will follow

No Swimming for Y2
Week beginning 12/11

Y6 Residential at Condover Hall
2:45 pm
Y2 will be leading worship – parents of children in that year group welcome to join us for worship – please note all classes will do this during year
3:30 – 6:00 pm
LilyPad closed for staff training
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Parent Forum – all welcome – a chance to help shape the way the school supports all the children, families and the wider community – more details to follow

3/12 – 4/12

“Show me” sessions; for children in YR-Y6 - Monday 3/12 classrooms open 3:30 – 5:00; Tuesday 4/12 classrooms open 3:30 – 4:30 – please note for children in YN times will be shared nearer date
Parental access to Tapestry for YN and YR children and Seesaw for Y1/2/3/4/5/6 children until end of Christmas holiday.

2:00 pm dress rehearsal for Nativity themed performance by YR – grandparents and local community to be invited – more details nearer time
6:00 pm actual performance for all YR parents – more details nearer time
9:00 am
Open invitation to all parents to join us for Friday Celebration Worship
Times to be confirmed

Nativity tableau and songs by YN – all children and parents of YN children to be invited
4:30 – 5:15 pm (Y1/2/3)
5:45 – 7:00 pm
FOTF Christmas Disco – more details to follow.
6:00 pm
Carols by Candlelight - all invited– the aim is for this to be outside unless weather really bad so all will be welcome

Last Day of Term and Christmas Jumper day – will include wearing own Christmas Jumper and making small donation to   charity if you wish
22/12 – 6/1/18

Christmas holiday – school closed

Parent/teacher appointments reminder
We have parent/teacher appointments this Thursday and next Tuesday.  You will have been notified of the appointment time and we ask for your support to keep the sessions running to time – each slot is 10 minutes and is to focus on how well the children have settled in to their new classes and the next steps they are working on. If you feel, after the meeting, that you would like a further meeting then please book these through the office.
Please note the Show Me sessions will not be taking place this week due to parent meetings.  Apologies, I should have removed these from the parent calendar some weeks ago.

Social Media and E-Safety
As a parent, it is sometimes hard to know what to give your growing young person access to in terms of social media.  It is often the case that, as children move into and through Key Stage 2 they begin to ask for and gain access to different social media apps that you, as parents, may never have used.  There is a really useful website,
That will give you overviews and hints for keeping children safe. One thing you may not be aware of, if your child used an app called, the app was taken over and replaced by an app called Tik Tok.  Whilst there is a privacy function of sorts, the user can search across all users and the content may not be appropriate for primary aged young people. Check out the advice on Common Sense Media about how to support your child’s use of apps and social media.  The classes all study e-safety and we try and give them very simple advice – ‘if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face then don’t type it in to social media; if you wouldn’t do or say something publicly then don’t post it on social media.’

PE Kit, Uniform and Jewellery reminder
Sadly, too high a number of children are not wearing the correct PE kit and some are even not bringing PE kit to school.  It is part of our health and safety requirements that children wear the correct PE kit when doing PE. 
From after the October holiday, no child will be allowed to do PE without the correct PE kit and we will be phoning and sending reminders home, so you can help them remember their PE kit if they forget.  This gives you the holiday to check your child has the correct PE kit. 

PE Kit - for all
  • Black shorts
  • White round neck t-shirt – not the polo shirt they have worn to school
  • Daps/trainers
  • School logo hoodie or black non-logo tracksuit top
  • Black non-logo tracksuit bottoms or joggers
Please help us to keep our school community looking smart by also sticking to school uniform (the polo shirts are white not blue please); if your child wears earrings then they should be studs only not dangly; hair bunches, hair bands and bows should be in school colours only and small (not cats ears, jo-jo bows or rainbow coloured); no make-up is needed for school – please remove nail varnish and keep that for weekends. Thank you.

Flu Vaccination
We have been asked to share the following message with you:-
If your child has a medical vulnerability and their school session isn't until later in the term, or they have missed it at school, or you have changed your mind and want them to have it there are community clinics being run across the Counties.  Please call to book in to the appropriate number (please note you can attend any session you like) 
Swindon           02.11.2018 - 10.00 -12.00 - call 0333 3219838

Chippenham     02.11.2018 - 13.00 - 15.00 - call 0333 321983

Y2 No swimming reminder re this week and next
Just a reminder that there is no swimming this week or next as per list of dates given in letter at beginning of term. As Wednesday is school photo day, please can Y2 children to come into school in school uniform but bring their PE kit with them. Next week they can come in in PE kit as usual but obviously don’t need swimming kit.

‘Tommy’ art sculpture visiting school for 36 hours
The children will be seeing one of the ‘Tommy’ sculptures, which is visiting schools in Swindon. ‘Tommy’ will join us on Monday and be with us for 36 hours.  The children will learn about him in worship on Monday and you can find out more about him here

YN Need Magazines for Cutting Up
Hedgehogs are making collages of faces and need lots of magazines to cut up.  If you can spare any, please drop in to YN  this week.   We will be cutting out eyes, mouths, etc. so a magazine with lots of people in would be useful!