Sunday, 15 July 2018

2017/18 Newsblog Term 6 Week 6

Hello All

The children and staff in Year 3, 4 and 5 gave us an amazing production of Wind in the Willows – we hope those of you that saw it were as impressed as we were with the performing and the team spirit of the whole cast. Just a week and two days left to go, then it’s holiday time for us all. 

In the newsblog this week: -

Dates for your diary
Join our Reading Team!
Lost Property
Singing Club – Infant Music Festival Reminder
Roblox and Fortnite
Things of Interest in the Community

Dates for your diary

Term  6  2017/18

All day

8:40 - 9:10
YN and YR Creepy Crawlies Carnival – see last week’s blog

Show me sessions for YN - moved due to trips

Singing Club Infant music festival – details sent previously also below.
9:15 am
All invited to join us for our End of Year Service

Last day of term 6 – school finishes normal time
25/7 and 26/7

Staff Training day -  staff in school; no children in school

Join our Reading Team!

We are hoping to set up a Reading Team of parent/grandparent/aunties/uncles etc readers to support Years 1-6 in the next school year. If you have a regular morning/afternoon free and would like to help, please email the school office. There will be specific training so this is great if you want to think about getting into teaching assistant type roles or maybe your company allow you so many volunteer hours which would fit perfectly; or maybe you want to gain skills in supporting your own child’s reading – any and all of you would be very welcome to join our Reading Team.  Thank you in advance! 

Lost Property
As usual we have a big pile of lost property. It will be laid out in the small hall – we’ll ask the children to check it too in case they recognise anything. Please come along and look  - it will be in the small hall on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week after school 3:15 – 4:15pm.  Any unclaimed items will be put in textile bank.

We have some cases of headlice in Year 1 – please check your child’s hair and treat if needed – advice available on

Singing Club – Infant Music Festival Reminder
Singing club children attending the ‘Infant Music Festival’ on Wednesday this week (18th July) - a reminder that you will need to collect your child at 2.30pm on Wednesday from the school office, give them a snack and then bring them to the Wyvern no later than 3.10pm please. 

This year we will meet the children at the top of the stairs from 3pm (by the foyer entrance) and then take the children as a group to the stage door to sign in as last year this became quite congested and didn’t feel as safe. 

A reminder that children do need to be in their school uniform please but can add red, white or blue accessories. We will take drinks for the children to have at the Wyvern, so please do not send them with anything as there is limited space to store things.

Roblox and Fortnite

This week we have received information from our Health and Safety advisers regarding a popular IT based game called ROBLOX. We are letting you know so that you can amend any settings on your own IT and Wifi systems at home.  The information they gave us is as follows:- 

'Internet pornographers have infiltrated a children's gaming site called Roblox. The imagery that children can be exposed to is sexually violent and extremely disturbing.

Roblox is designed to be an accessible site for children. But whilst the games are aimed at 8-18 year olds, there are no age restrictions for users. This means both adults and young people can play and communicate with each other on the platform. 

All games are multiplayer and include a written chat feature, which is visible to players within each individual game. Users can also make and receive friend requests during gameplay and this means that they can chat to each other outside of the game.

There is also a section where players use their imagination and skills to create their own games and share these with others. The ability to create and play games can be very appealing to young people who like to create the content they see. However, because content is user-generated it can mean that some games might not be appropriate for young children. For example, whilst the graphics are not very life like, some of the games feature weapons and blood, and recently, sexual violence.
The game has become increasingly popular and schools are advised to make parent/carers aware of the risks of accessing it. Measures that parent/carers should be aware of include:
1. Teach children to speak about anything they see online that is disturbing or upsetting.
2. Make sure you and your children know about block and report functions on the site and can use them.
3. Find out about parental controls and use them, including additional settings for the under 13s.
4. Consider blocking access the site altogether.
Here is some detailed advice on the matter from the UK Safer Internet Centre:

For those of you who have questions re Fortnite – the link to the ChildNet site might help -

Things of Interest in the Community