Sunday, 24 June 2018

2017/18 Newsblog Term 6 Week 3

Hello All

What an amazing week Sports Week was – thank you to all the staff and parent helpers that made this possible and to Mrs Philpot for organising such exciting activities for the children to try out. We are going to investigate whether some of those activities could become a regular part of things in school.  If you have any contacts with other sporting groups ready for next year please let us know.
The children looked very smart in their school PE kit last week and now, this week, it’s back to full summer school uniform please.  It’s going to be hot, hot, hot – so remember NAMED water bottles, NAMED sun hats and NAMED sun cream – thank you for naming them as many children have identical items. 

In the newsblog this week: -

Dates for your diary
We need your help avoiding a serious accident!
Shuffle Up Day coming up – new classes news!
Y4/5 Languages Day reminder
YN/YR request
News from St Andrews
Things to do in the Community

Dates for your diary

Term  6  2017/18
Week beginning 25/6

FOTF – will be selling raffle tickets and event tokens on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school this week – On Thursday 28th June at 7:00 pm please come along and help get things ready for summer fayre – see below – the more the merrierJ
All day
Y5 at Languages Day at Abbey Park.
Shuffle Up day 1 – all classes move up to their September classes for the morning and some 2018 YR and YN pupils join us in small groups – information shared for those groups at Induction sessions
Y2/3/4/5 Parents to be invited in for lunch
Shuffle Up day 2 – all classes move up to their September classes for the morning and some 2018 YR and YN pupils join us in small groups – information shared for those groups at Induction sessions
All day
KS2 Outdoor Activity Day
3:00 pm
Open invitation to all parents to join us for Friday Celebration Worship

FOTF Summer Fayre – see below
Shuffle Up day 3 – all classes move up to their September classes for the morning and some 2018 YR and YN pupils join us in small groups – information shared for those groups at Induction sessions
9/7 – 11/7
All day
Our Prayer Space is in school – see below for information

9/7 – 10/7

“Show me” sessions – Monday 9/7 classrooms open 3:30 – 5:30; Tuesday 10/7 classrooms open 3:30 – 4:30 – for children in YN times are 11:10 for those in morning session and 2:50 for those in afternoon session.  Parental access to Tapestry for YN and YR children and Seesaw for Y1/2/3/4/5 children until Friday 20th July

YN Trip Group 1– information to follow

End of Year Production Y3/4/5 – 2:30 pm  dress rehearsal and 4:30 pm  actual performance –note change of time as original time of 6:00pm clashed with one of semi-finals of World Cup and we thought that might be a problem for some cast and audience.

YN Trip Group 2– information to follow

Annual Reports sent home
Church at Tadpole Garden Village –All Age Service at school
9:15 am
All invited to join us for our End of Year Service

Last day of term 6 – school finishes normal time
25/7 and 26/7

Staff Training day -  staff in school; no children in school

Summer Fair. 
Our biggest event of the year, the Summer Fair, which is on 7th July from 12-3pm, is fast approaching. Thank you to everybody who donated sweetie cups and bottles for our very popular summer fair tombola. This leaves the "small task" of sorting all these items. Join us this Thursday at 7pm at school for our summer fair preparation get together with some drinks and nibbles. 
This year the fair will be operating on a token system. One token (which will be a colourful paper ticket) equals 50p. On the day, these tokens can be used on any game or school stall except for food and beverages. You have the option to purchase these tokens together with your raffle tickets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school. A great way to beat the queues!
For the raffle itself, we have an array of many wonderful prizes for you this year with our top prizes being a Longleat family entrance voucher, a £75 M&S voucher and a £50 Boden voucher. Thank you to all the many wonderful parents who have kindly donated or organised Raffle Prizes this year – your support helps make the difference.
To recognise the effort of those volunteers who give up their time on the day itself Mrs Leo has kindly agreed to provide a selection of volunteer prizes – if you help out on the day itself your name will go in to a hat and you may win one of 5 delicious prizes… there are still spaces to sign up – just follow this link -
We would really like some free donations of hay bales for the summer fayre – if you are able to help please email  - thank you.

Unsurprisingly, Classlist is proving incredibly popular and useful to all the parents that have already started using it. 
Nearly 50% of all school parents have already registered. Once all of the parents of one year group are signed up they will be able to elect a class representative. Each representative will provide an important link between parents and FOTF. The role will be embedded in the FOTF committee structure and parents will immensely benefit from class specific communications that are tailored to your child's individual class. 

We need your help avoiding a serious accident!
A concerned local resident, who has young children herself, has asked us to ask you all again to be aware of the dangers of letting your younger children scoot ahead of you.  The design of the development is such that often drives have high hedges/fences either side of the drive and so it makes it difficult to see smaller children who are below hedge height.  Please keep scooting small children near to you and help avoid a serious accident – thank you.

Shuffle Up Day coming up – new classes news!
This week sees our first shuffle up day – the day when the children move up to their September classes and do fun, getting to know you activities with their new teachers (where possible).  The classes and teachers for 2018/19 will be:-
YN – Hedgehogs – Mrs Smith and Mrs Onslow (Joining us in September)
YR –– Owls - Miss Cowan/Mrs Holt and Squirrels – Mrs Longhurst
Y1 – Foxes – Mrs Honour and Badgers – Mrs Holloway (Joining us in September)
Y2 – Rabbits – Miss Grindley and Moles – Miss Webb
Y3 – Woodpeckers – Miss Brandenberg and Kestrels – Mrs Philpot
Y4 – Otters – Mrs Flynn and Miss Phillips (joining us in September) and Woodmice – Miss Baker
Y5 – Hares – Miss Pearson (joining us in September)
Y6 – Frogs – Mr Spencer and colleague (to be appointed)

Some of our new colleagues can join us on some of the shuffle up days – your child will find out which class they are in on Wednesday.  Remember that the children learn across cohort so if they are not in the same registration group as their friends, please reassure them that they will still see them during learning and play time.

Y5 Languages Day reminder
Just a reminder that all Y5 are at Abbey Park on Monday and will need packed lunch and water bottles. 

YN/YR request
Please can children ensure that they bring their PE kit back for Monday and that they bring a spare pair of black shorts and a white t-shirt next week, as we will be cooling down with a lot of water play during the hot spell. Please also ensure that children have caps, sun cream and water bottles.

Head Lice
Please check your children's hair as we have our regular little visitors again - thank you.

School Council Thank Yous

 A big thank you to everyone on behalf of the School Council as we have raised over £600 for Whispering Wednesday with more sponsorship coming in!  Once we have totalled it all up we will let you know how your monies will go to make a difference here in school. 

News from St Andrews
Our Prayer Space 9th – 11th July 2018
Each child at Tadpole will be experiencing The Lord’s Prayer through a series of prayer activities between 9th and 11th July.  Revd Sally,  a team from St Andrew’s Church and our staff will be supporting them to explore prayer in many different age appropriate ways, following the ideas provided by the charity Prayer Spaces in Schools.  If you’d like to find out more about the prayer spaces movement, do take a look at their website.  If you’d like to experience the prayer space for yourself, it will be available during the ‘Show me’ Sessions on the 9th and 10th July.

If you fancy an alternative to the football world cup final, why not come along to Church at Tadpole Garden Village on Sunday 15th July at 4pm.  Our normal all age services will be followed by St Andrew’s Summer Barbeque to which everyone is welcome whether you’ve been to the service or not.  Please reserve tickets in advance from Lyn Jones or 01793 338363 and pay on the day - £3 for adults and £1 for children.
Hope to see you then.
Revd. Sally Robertson
07588 594410

Things to do in the Community