Sunday, 2 July 2017

Newsblog Term 6 Week 4

Hello All

We seem to have rapidly arrived at July - where does the time go?!  The children had a fantastic day on Friday finding out about different counters and cultures - a big thank you to those parents who gave up their time to help support this exciting event and to the staff who created the themes and resources - the children obviously loved every minute!

In the newsblog this week:-

  • Dates for your diary
  • Reminders re this week
  • Health and Safety News
  • Appeal for Lego
  • Ugly Bug Ball
  • Things to do in the holidays

Dates for your diary

    Updates in Red

    Term 5 and 6  2016/17

    Week beginning 3/7 until end of term

    No school run clubs – note that this does not affect WIMS11 or ballet as they are not school run clubs

    9:15 – 11:00 a.m. and 1:15 – 3:00 pm 
    All children move up to their new classes for the day

    YR going on a bug hunt - see below for details

    3/7 – 5/7

    “Show me” sessions CANCELLED  due to time being needed for end of term transfer meetings for staff... apologies for any inconvenience caused 
    Parental access to Tapestry for YN and YR children and Seesaw for Y1 and Y2 children opens this week
    6/7 – note change of date

    End of Year Production by Y1 and Y2 – 2:30 dress rehearsal and 6:00 actual performance email has been sent out re tickets etc
    12:00 – 1:00
    3:00 pm
    Current Y2 parents invited for lunch 
    Open invitation to all parents to join us for Friday Celebration Worship
    10 & 11/7

    All day

    Y4/5 September 2017 new pupil induction days – including Y4/5 parents invited for food taster sessions 15:00 – 15:30 on Tuesday 11/7
    Infant music festival for those children in singing club

    Last swimming session for Y2

    17 and 18/7

    Annual Reports sent home

    Ugly Bug Ball YN and YR - see below for details
    Y1 and Y2 trip - email info already gone out 

    All welcome to join us for end of year service 9:15 am
    Last day of term 6 – school finishes normal time
    20/7 and 21/7

    Staff Training day -  staff in school; no children in school

      Reminders re this week
      • No clubs this week - this does not affect WIMS11 and ballet as they are not school run clubs and should have let you know their term dates anyway.
      • No Show Me sessions - the teachers are meeting re your children to ensure in-depth handover is done and we need to be mindful of the time they are working outside the school day so something had to give - SeeSaw and Tapestry will be available though and reports will be out next week so you will be well informed about your child's progress and learning.
      Health and Safety News

      Please be aware we still have cases of Headlice in school - the summer holidays are a good time for clearing out these little visitors - more advice here

      Whilst waiting for your children at drop off or pick up, please keep an eye on any younger children who may be climbing on or playing near school equipment.  Some children have been climbing up on the blue and white dividers and running along the top - this is not safe and is not the purpose for which they are intended - thank you for your support in keeping all children safe. 

      Appeal for sets of Lego

      If any of you are having a summer clear out, or are just feeling particularly generous, we require sets of LEGO for the new school year. Our aim is to offer 'LEGO therapy' in intervention groups throughout the school. It has proven to be an excellent session for improving pupils social skills and communication skills. Ideally we require complete sets which come with instructions for the activity to be carried out successfully. Please bring in to the office.

      Ugly Bug Ball - YR and YN - and Tuesday 4th July YR Bug Hunt
      On Monday the 17th July the children in YR and YN will be holding an Ugly Bug Ball to celebrate the end of their animal antics theme. Children can come into school on the day dressed up as their favourite bug or in brightly coloured clothes and will be making a mask at school. 

      As part of this week's learning, YR will all be going to the forest on Tuesday morning this week on a bug hunt. Children to come in wearing forest clothes please.

        Things to do in the holidays