Sunday, 24 April 2016

Newsblog for week beginning 25/4/16

Hello All,

Just a short newsblog this week - in this blog:-

  • Forest Skills for YR
  • Clothing requests for all classes
  • Clubs
  • Parking
  • Do you have any... ?
  • Photo orders

Forest Skills for YR

YR will be carrying on with Forest Skills this term - please could all children bring in Forest Skill clothing this coming Wednesday (27th April) to be left in school until it gets too messy!  Hopefully things won't be quite as muddy this term.  The children are helping to plant up wildflowers for the wildflower meadow on the nature park that joins on to Tadpole Garden Village - they are having a direct impact on growing the community:)

Clothing requests for all classes

As we all know the weather really can't decide what to do so please could all children still bring in a coat each day; can they also bring in a sunhat and a water bottle :)  


All clubs start this week - a few reminders:-
  • clubs list as at today is shown below and attached to the email that notifies you of this blog - any queries please pop in to school office
  • cooking club need to bring a tupperware container and £1 each week
  • all club pick ups will be from the area outside Y1 entrance, regardless of whether your child is in Y1 or YR.
  • all clubs finish at 4:30 - all clubs are run on a voluntary basis and, if you could be there ready to collect at that time, such a prompt pick up would be much appreciated

Some parents have asked us to ask everyone to try and maximise how many people can park in each lay-by by parking a close, but safe distance from any cars already there or close to the end if you are first - thank you.

Do you have any... ?

We are on the look out for the following items - if you can help please let the school office know by email or pop in:
  • clean offcuts of guttering and drainpipes or any other safe sizes of pipe
  • used tyres
  • items for junk modelling
  • donations of compost
  • logs 
  • clean large pieces of fabric, matting, netting, picnic blankets etc for den building
  • lego or duplo
  • marbles
  • toy cars
  • small world play items - e.g. playmobil sized
  • plastic crates with lids
  • giant sized outdoor games e.g. connect four, chess etc

Photo orders

Just a reminder that the deadline for photo orders is 29/4/16 at 9:00 a.m.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Welcome Back at the start of Term 5

Hello All

Welcome back to term 5 - this time of year always makes me smile as, when the children come back after Easter, they seem to have suddenly grown and be almost ready to move up to the next year group - exciting times!!

In this newsblog:-

  • This terms value, Thankfulness
  • Fundraising news
  • Spare Uniform
  • Lunches
  • YR 2016/17 and YN 2016/17 places
  • Swimming Update
  • Clubs for Term 5/6

This term's value - Thankfulness

This term we are thinking about the value of thankfulness.  We will be thinking about how we show thankfulness - for example:-

  • We show our appreciation for pupil’s achievements through giving them positive praise, certificates and stickers.
  • We are thankful for our wonderful volunteers 
  • We know that having food, clothes and lovely things is a blessing and not a right. We can show our thankfulness through our support to charities that help others who are not as fortunate as ourselves.
  • We give thanks through our songs and our prayers or quiet reflection times
  • We learn to be thankful for the skills of others and the ways in which they enrich our lives.
  • We give thanks to people in our community who visit and help us. The children write letters of thanks to them
  • We say Thank You to each other and know that saying Thank You is important and polite.
Fundraising news

Thank you for your support at our recent Book Fayre - we reached our target with takings of £747, which gave us £322 of commission to spend on books. In addition to this you kindly donated 58 books to our library - thank you so much.
Those of who who supported the Bandanas for Brain Tumours, a big thank you also - this raised £119.20 for this special cause.

Spare Uniform

The FOTF are hoping to set up a second hand uniform sale so if you have any uniform that your child has grown out of but is still serviceable the FOTF would be grateful to receive it - please drop any donations to the School Office.


Just to let you know that the Reception children, as well as the Year 1 children, are now choosing their own meals and this is going very well. Please make sure you let us know of any changes to food allergies etc so we can support the children's choices.

YR 2016/17 and YN 2016/17 places

Monday is the day that parents find out where their YR 2016/17  child has a place for starting school in September - we hope you all get what you wanted and look forward to welcoming those of you who will be coming to us to our Reception 2016/17 cohort.  It looks like we will be starting the year off at full capacity, which is good news.  Thank you to all those of you who have spread the word that you are happy with the education and care that your children receive here and so have contributed to the increase in first choice places that have been requested at Tadpole Farm.
Those of you who have applied for Nursery places, the deadline for applications is 30th April.  After this date we will be allocating places and will send out offer letters by end May.  We have asked all those of you who currently have children in Nursery, and who will be in Nursery in 2016/17, which sessions you want - please make sure you have given your requirements to the School Office by the end of next week.

Swimming Update 

I am sorry to say that, despite much searching and almost securing a slot in one pool, we will have to start swimming in September rather than this term as we cannot find pool times/coach runs that are viable.  Further details will follow.  

Clubs for terms 5/6

Thank you for the overwhelming response to clubs for this term.  We have been heavily oversubscribed so have allocated Y1 children 2 clubs (if 2 or more were requested) and YR children 1 club (if 1 or more were requested).  Some YR children, who requested cooking club, did not all get a place so I have put them on a reserve list.  There are a few spaces left in some clubs so, if you missed the deadline for asking for a club these spaces can be requested in the School Office on a first come first served basis to those children who do not have any club space allocated.  The clubs list is attached (I will also attach it to the email that notifies you of this blog and it will be displayed on entrance doors).  Clubs will take place only in week beginning 25/4, 2/5, 9/5, 16/5, 23/5, 6/6, 13/6, 20/6.