Sunday, 20 March 2016

Newsblog for last week of Term 4

Hello All

Here we are at the end of term 4, a short but learning filled term, and we have just three days of term left - last day of term Wednesday 23rd March, school closed Thursday 24th March until Sunday 10th April - first day back Monday 11th April.  This newsblog is just a short update on various dates:-

  • Events this week
  • Dates for your diary - photos, writing workshop, closing date for Nursery applications
  • Election Days
  • Disabled Parking Bays

Events this week
Easter Experience
On Monday 21st March the children will be learning about the Easter Story through visiting interactive stations - these activities will be laid out in the large and small hall and the planted area outside the main entrance doors.  You are invited to look around and take part in the activities after school 3:30 - 4:30 on Monday 21st March.  The FOTF cake sale is also on at this time - cake donations are very welcome.
Easter Service
On Wednesday 23rd March at 2:30 pm you are invited to join us for our Easter Service in the school hall.
Last day of term
Wednesday 23rd March is the last day of term 4 - there is no school on Thursday 24th March and school will be closed until Sunday 10th April.  The first day of term five is Monday 11th April and we look forward to seeing you then.

Dates for your diary

YR Writing workshop (replaces one postponed due to staff sickness)
School Photo Day – more details to follow
Closing date for Nursery applications for September 2016 starters
School closed to children – staff training day

Election Days
Our school has been chosen to be a polling station for the upcoming local elections and referendum.  We know that closing on such days inconveniences those of you who work or have day time commitments so we have made plans to stay open on both election days, even though Poling will be happening here.  Polling takes place on May 5th and June 23rd but we will be open on both of those days - further details will follow.

Disabled Parking Bays
We have a number of users who are entitled to use these spaces and have found them taken up by other people - we would be very grateful if those that are entitled to use these spaces could pop in to the office and share their registration number with us; that way we can make sure that spaces are only used by those entitled to do so.  If you do use them and we don't have your registration number recorded please don't be offended when we ask you whether you are entitled to use them - we are just trying to keep the spaces for those who need them most.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Short Newsblog - week ending 13th March

Hello All

Just a short blog this week - 

  • Sports Relief
  • Parents Forum
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Staff News
  • FOTF Update
  • News from the Community

Sports Relief - Friday 18th March
Children may come in to school dressed in any sport related outfits - it would be great if they could make a donation to Sports Relief and collection pots will be in each classroom.  Parents and carers are invited to take part in activities with us from 2:30 - 3:30pm on the day - come prepared for sporting events!  There will be a variety of activities for you to try (those of you who were with us last year think Sports Day type activities minus the water!!) - and buckets to collect any donations you might wish to make.

Parents Forum - Monday 14th March

This Monday is when we are holding our first Parents Forum - an open meeting to which any parent or carer could come along.  This meeting will focus on school development as well as have time for an open question and answer session for you to bring up anything associated with the school community; the wider links with the Diocese or Tadpole Garden Village or education in general, that you would like to discuss.  
The meeting will be from 6:00 pm to 7:30pm in the school hall, we look forward to seeing you there.  

Childcare Vouchers
Just a reminder that we accept childcare vouchers in payment for wraparound care.  If your employer is part of a scheme that supports childcare vouchers then chat to Niki or Gill in the School Office about how to go about using them as part of wraparound care payment.

Staff News

Last Friday we had a very successful interview day and recruited two new teachers to join us next September - Miss Kimberley Webb and Miss Sarah Baker.  Once we have decided on class structures we will let you know - though it won't be until term 5 or 6.  In other staff news we are delighted to announce that Mrs Warren, who is one of our Teaching Assistants in Reception class, is going to be having a baby in August - a very exciting time for all.

FOTF Update

News from the Community

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Newsblog Week Ending 6th March 2016

Hello All,

What an amazing turn out for World Book Day - a huge thank you for all the efforts you went to - the children looked great and enjoyed making and talking about books during the day.  Details of the upcoming book fair are below, along with an opportunity to help build up the books for the school library.

In this week's newsblog:-

  • Football Team News
  • Welcome to new families
  • World Book Day and Book Fayre
  • Absence from School 
  • FOTF News
  • Easter Experience
  • CIC News
  • Y1 Swimming 
  • Lost Property
  • Bristol Zoo Trip Y1
  • Writing Workshop for YR
  • Out and About Ideas - Scarecrow trail and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust events
Please excuse the lack of photos in this blog - we swapped internet service providers last week and there was a temporary hiccup on changeover giving us limited/no internet access.  I'm pleased to say that, from September, we will have a dedicated leased line, which will give us good connection speeds that will be uninterrupted and not affected by the increase of housing on the site.

Football Team News
It's with great excitement that I am putting our first friendly football team news in this blog...
Miss Evans writes... It has been an exciting week for the year 1 football club, playing their first fixture against Oakhurst School. Everyone made a fantastic effort and represented Tadpole Farm with pride. The team played 3 small matches; the first match provided us with some tough competition where we drew 1-1, but we finished on a high winning 3-0 and 2-0 in the final two matches. Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to all parents who helped with transport and for supporting on the side line. 

Welcome to new families
We have recently welcomed Ryma (Y1) and Myles (YR) to our school.  I know that you will welcome their parents too, as you see them at pick up and drop off times. 
We continue to be asked for places in YR (currently full with a waiting list) and Y1, as well as spaces in those year groups that are not yet open.  We hope, in 2017, to be open to Y3 both classes (current Y1's) and have one class of Year 4 (children would be currently Y2) and one class of Y5 (children would be currently Y3).  If you know of anyone who would be interested in these classes please ask them to contact the school office for a look around. 

World Book Day and Book Fayre
Thank you for supporting the children in their World Book Day dressing up and for coming in to see the various books and book reviews they had worked on during the day.  The Book Fayre arrives is here from the 15th to 22nd March where the World Book Day vouchers that your child will be given can be used (they can be used in many book retailers also).  As you know, we are beginning to build up our school library and if you wished to buy an extra book at the Book Fair to donate to the school library we have special book plates to stick in the front of donated books that show who has made the donation - it can be a lovely way for children and families to get involved in building up the school library. Thank you to FOTF for running the Book Fayre.

Absence from School
Just a reminder that, when you are calling school to report a child's absence due to illness, we need some detail of what sort of 'poorly' or 'sick' they are as we are required to note type of illness on our records.  For example, vomiting and diarrhoea bugs mean a 48 hour absence from last incident of vomiting or diarrhoea - a high number of children off with the same bug can mean we need to take specific actions as a result; hence us asking for specific illness details.

The FOTF Committee met recently and have lots of ideas about events to run, though would love any ideas you have too.  Their next event will be a cake sale on Monday 21st March after school - this is on at the same time as the Easter Experience (see below) - donations of cakes may be bought in to school in the morning on the 21st - please talk to a member of FOTF committee for more information.

Easter Experience
On Monday 21st March the children will be learning about the Easter Story through visiting interactive stations - these activities will be laid out in the large and small hall and the planted are outside the main entrance doors.  You are invited to look around and take part in the activities after school 3:30 - 4:30 on Monday 21st March.  The FOTF cake sale is also on at this time.

CIC News
The Community Interest Company, that will run all of the green space on the Tadpole Garden Village development, would like your input in to what sort of community building events you would like to be available.  Later this year there will be allotments available on the development and school have been asked if we would like one - is there anyone who would like to take on running this on school's behalf, maybe involving setting up a gardening club or a parents gardening group?
Please email in to the school office if interested and also email in to suggest ideas for  clubs or organisations you'd like to see and would support being set up for the community e.g. zumba, running club, yoga etc.

Y1 Swimming 
We are hoping to provide swimming lessons for children in terms 5 and 6 of Year 1 and terms 1 - 4 in Year 2.  This would mean each child would have 30 weeks of half hour swimming lessons across Year 1 and 2.  In order to afford this we would need voluntary parental contributions of £3.50 a week, payable termly in advance, to cover coach costs.  Could you let us know if you feel unable to support this.
The swimming lessons would take place at Cricklade pool and would be led by teaching staff and qualified instructors.  On swimming days the children would come to school in their full PE kit (including tracksuit and trainers), and would keep this on for the rest of the day,  as they would be doing half an hour of sport at the leisure centre as well as swimming for half an hour and PE Kit would be the most appropriate uniform for the day.  

Lost Property
We are accumulating another large pile of lost property which will be on display next week and any remaining items will be given away at the end of term 4 to a charity shop.

Bristol Zoo Trip Y1
A last call for zoo voluntary contributions please - if we do not received enough contributions we may have to consider cancelling the trip.  If you need help with making the payment then please pop in and have a chat with Mrs Leo.

Writing Workshop for YR
A reminder that there is a parent workshop for YR parents on early writing this coming Monday 7th March 6 - 7 pm  - your YR child is welcome to come along with you as they can help you with the activity part of the session.

Out and About Ideas - Scarecrow trail and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust events
Christian Malford Scarecrow trail is on 21/22nd March - further details on
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust have a series of events coming up too - look out for email from school office with flier attached.

Jane Leo