Sunday, 23 November 2014

News Update Friday 21st November

We are now in the season of bugs and viruses and want to thank you all for being diligent about keeping your children off until they are clear of infections or coming promptly when we phone you to say they are not well.  With such a small number of staff we want to keep as many of us at work as possible to support your children's learning and your help with this is much appreciated.  The end of November is creeping ever closer and the season of nativities and Christmas singing is almost here.  A big thank you to the group of parents, grandparents and family friends who are supporting creating the costumes for our first nativity, and the many nativities that will follow over the years.  

Christmas Preparations
Christmas Tree Decorations - a reminder from the last blog post...  We would like each child to bring in a decoration for the Christmas tree - the decoration needs to be robust enough to stand the test of time as we will hang the same decoration on the tree every year that your child is in our school.  When your child leaves the school their decoration will be returned to them as part of the leaving worship. The guidelines for the decoration are:

  • it must be named
  • it should fit a colour scheme of red/green/gold
  • it must be of a size that will hang on a branch
  • it must be strong enough to stand being hung each year for up to 7 years and being packed away repeatedly each year
  • it should be sent into school in the last week of November
Does anyone have any good contacts for buying a real Christmas Tree?  If so, please pass on to Niki Wilding, 
Service to the community - as part of showing the value of service to the local community, we'd like to ask you to join us in providing Christmas items for the Swindon Foodbank. Please bring these in to school in the week beginning Monday 1st December. 

Having been involved with families that access this sort of support, I can say that the difference having Christmas items - the sort of things we all like to provide for our families at Christmas - makes, at times when things look bleak, goes beyond words.  
The Foodbank need ordinary items still too.
Families in need come from a wide variety of backgrounds and quite often find themselves in a situation they have never been in before nor ever imagined they would be in.  The support they receive at Foodbanks goes beyond just the food they receive.  It helps them feel that there is hope; that people who they may never meet have cared enough to help them out; that they matter.  Please give as generously as you are able to do.  We will put boxes in main entrance for any donations you are able to make.

Christmas dinner, Christmas hats and parties - The children will be having their school Christmas dinner on Wednesday 17th of December and the Reception children will be having their Christmas party on the same day, in the afternoon.  They should wear school uniform to school, but may bring party clothes in to school to change into after lunch. For those of you who like plenty of notice about upcoming craft requests, there will be a homemade Christmas hat competition on the 17th of December too - more details to follow.  The Nursery children will be having their party, in their normal session, on the same day too  - they may come to Nursery in their party clothes and will be having party games and Christmas themed snacks.  If your child does not normally attend Nursery on a Wednesday and you would like them to come along on the 17th December for the party please talk to Mrs Smith, who will advise you of timings etc.

Helping your child

Phonics Workshop - Many of you asked if we could run a later session of the Phonics workshop so we will be running the Parent Phonics Workshop again, on Wednesday 26th November from 4.30-5.20pm, for those of you who could not make the previous workshop. Please bring your Reception age child with you as there will be activities for you and your child to participate in. 
Books and Words Webs - There is something lovely about a new book or a new learning resource. Sadly, some of the books and words webs that are coming back in to school no longer look so new. Could I ask that you help your child look after the school property that comes home so that future Reception learners have use of the lovely resources too?
Suitable outdoor clothing - the children love to learn and play outside. As the weather turns please could they come to school with suitable footwear and outdoor clothing. It's tricky as it needs to be warm but not so bulky that they feel they can't move in it! Thank you for your continued support with this.

News from the Classes

Reception - Owls and Squirrels

What  a busy few weeks we have had already! So far this term we have been learning all about our community and different types of shops. We have been writing shopping lists and visiting Tesco to buy snack, serving food and drinks in our cafe and we have been paramedics rushing to help people in need. We have been learning that there are lots of people in the community who do important jobs to help us; a topic which has tied in with our focused school values of service and thankfulness. We have been trying extra hard to help those around us.

You might have noticed that we have also been learning to tell the time recently and we are getting really good at telling the o’clock times.

We hope the children have been  telling you about our weekly drama sessions with Aaron, a drama teacher from the Sixth Sense Drama Company. The sessions run every Tuesday for  one hour and are helping develop the children’s confidence, speaking and acting skills and they are great fun.  Aaron has big plans for us to put on a production with him at the end of the year!

We are still really enjoying our phonics work and have now learnt all of the phase 2 sounds. We will keep practising these over the next few weeks to build our skills before we start to learn the next set of sounds in Phase 3.

As I am sure you are well aware Christmas is fast creeping up on us. We have begun preparations for the much anticipated Nativity, with costumes being sewn, sets designed and props created.The children will be busy learning songs, dances and actions, so I am sure you will get a sneak preview over the coming weeks!

Finally,  now the weather is getting colder please make sure your child brings a warm coat, hat, gloves and scarf to school to keep them warm as we still intend to do as much learning outside as possible through the winter months.

Nursery - Hedgehog Class

Another busy week in Hedgehog class! We have continued to learn about people who help us this week. Our role play area was transformed into a garage the children were eager to fix our bikes and give the scooters an oil change! We also enjoyed taking turns and sharing the buckets to clean the bikes outside in our car wash.​​​​
The children have learnt how to sort cars by colour this week and we have also been adding and taking away small amounts of objects. We have been developing our understanding of positional language and used this vocabulary to give our friends instructions using cars.
Please remember to pay your child's snack money next week.