Friday, 12 September 2014

Can't believe it's already Friday Week 2

What an exciting first week it's been - visits from Bishop Lee and the many special people who have been involved in Tadpole Farm CE Primary Academy - step 1 of our journey; deliveries are still coming... it's like Christmas everyday and, most importantly for us, getting to know you and your children (who we already think are delightful, so thank you for bringing them to this school community).  In the Blog this week - opportunities for you to get involved in the school are beginning - read below about the Friends of Tadpole Farm first meeting; parent governor nominations needed; sewing skills in demand to build up a costume bank for December;  information about this term's Christian values; good neighbour request; your suggestions for our House group names are needed; the Lily Pad update;  teething issues and news from the classes.

FOTF - Friends of Tadpole Farm

Kristy Lewis - Aaron's mum, Reception year - is sending you all an email about the first ever Friends meeting, which is being held in school next Thursday 18th September at 7:30 pm.  As a Principal, I know the great value that an effective Friends group can bring to a school community and, if the previous 6 months are anything to go by, I know that you will all pull together to make this an inclusive, friendly and productive Friends group.  Although we are lucky to have so many new things, we do already have a need for fundraising to build an amazing provision in the outdoor area at our new building - there is only so much that we will be provided with and we'd like to use decking and landscaping to make it a multiple level learning space that the children will enjoy exploring and learning within. 

Parent Local Board Members (Governors)

Your child will have brought home a pack about Parent Local Board Members.  Our Local Board needs two parents to join it - the current Board members, many of whom you have met already, are a dedicated group who make the meetings interesting, challenging and supportive.  The role of local Board members is to ensure that the school provides the best education provision for the community and we need two of you to be part of that.  Please take a look at the pack and apply if you think you would enjoy being part of this group.  If you would like further details please come and have a chat with me.  Forms need to be returned by Friday 26th September 2014. If there are more than two candidates a vote will be taken by Friday 10th October 2014.

Shhh I know it's only September but...

We would like some parents, or grandparent volunteers to make up a sewing group who will be happy to make some costumes for the Nativity services that both Nursery and Reception will be doing at Christmas.  Once we have a group together - I will supply patterns and materials (unless there is a willing volunteer to organise this??). Schools build up collections of costumes over time and, obviously we have started at zero - handmade ones seem to last longer than shop bought ones so I'm hoping we can begin to build up a core collection of angels, shepherds, wise men etc.  Please email if you can help.

Focus for this term - Christian Values of Friendship and Generosity

Some of the children have already been learning about Friendship through the story of the Good Samaritan and can already confidently talk about why we should be friends to others and help them even if they are not our friend already.  As we move through this term we will be thinking more about Friendship - the messages we'll be discussing are 'Good friends try to help' and 'Good friends take time to listen'.  After that we'll be thinking about the Christian value of Generosity and the theme is 'It's good to give' - which links to our celebration of Harvest - there will be more news about the Harvest worship shortly and you will all be very welcome to come along to that.

Neighbours and Gates

Our neighbours have been very understanding of this build and the speed with which it appeared.  To try and be good neighbours and keep the pathways around school as clear as possible for access, we will be opening the gates 15 minutes before the start of sessions so that you can come into the playground as soon as you arrive and wait in there rather than on the pathway.  We know you will be mindful of where the children are and what they are leaning against and have reassured the neighbours of this already.  
Just a quick reminder about parking - please use the parking area behind school (Greenwood Place) and avoid Alwyn Court for parking.

School House Groups

We would like to create 3 house groups but need suggestions for names so we thought we'd pick your brains. The names need to either be linked to the local area or be inspirational (inventors, artist, famous role models) people.  Please email your suggestions to by Wednesday 17th September.

 The Lily Pad

It has been lovely to see what a caring and fun environment has so quickly grown up in the Lily Pad - our wraparound care options.  We do have spaces still - school is currently supporting the funding of this facility whilst it grows but it will need to be self-funding eventually, so the more use it gets the better! Morning sessions include breakfast, cost £3 a session and run from 7:30 until the start of school; afternoon sessions include toast/sandwich,snack and fruit, run from the end of school until 6:00 pm and cost £7.50.  Sessions can, until the numbers grow up to the maximum, be booked on an ad-hoc basis with as much notice as possible. If interested please pop in to see Niki Wilding or email

Head Lice

It may not be just the children who have joined us this week!  We would be grateful if you could check your child's hair weekly and then follow the advice from NHS online should you find any little visitors.  Advice is given at

Teething Problems

Just wanted to let you know that both Coolmilk and School Fruit have had a few teething problems which we have now solved. Coolmilk delivered on the first day and since then, their delivery driver hasn't found us again! They now have directions and deliveries began again on Wednesday. Once your child reaches their 5th birthday, if you want them to continue to receive milk, then you will need to start paying for it. For further information please contact "Cool Milk" nearer the time.
Children have been receiving a fruit snack, which we have provided as our application to the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme for free fruit and vegetables was swallowed up somewhere in the NHS or postal system.  Again, all sorted now and with deliveries due from the end of next week.

Picking up from school

If someone, other than yourself, is collecting your child from school please inform the school office on 01793 737325 or give a note or message to a member of staff when you drop off at the start of the session.  If the person is another parent, who we know and recognise, then just informing us is sufficient. 

If the person collecting is not a member of the school community, please give them a password to give us, so we know they are who they say they are - remember to tell us the password too.  This is a simple way for us to check that the person collecting is the person you have agreed will do the pick-up.

News from the classes:

Owls and Squirrels - Reception Class
What a great first week and a half we have had.  We have been making new friends and exploring and learning about all the things we can use to help our knowledge grow.
The children will be bringing home reading books for the first time today and have lovely new Reading Logs too - these have lots of useful ideas for parents in the as do the books they are bringing home.  If you have any queries about how to best support your child with reading please come and have a chat.  Miss Leach and Mrs Flynn will be running a phonics workshop for parents soon - keep an eye out for dates.
The children look great in their uniforms and the only thing we find tricky is knowing whose sweatshirt is whose if there is no name in it... they all look the same... please could you check your child's uniform is named and check that the things they bring home are theirs.  A useful website for ordering labels that don't wash out is 

Hedgehogs - Nursery Class
We have had a great start and the children have settled in really well. We've been painting self-portraits and thinking about people who are special to us.  The hoodies are working really well in keeping the children warm when we play outside - please can you check they are named and that, when you collect your child, they bring home the right hoodie. Again, a useful website for ordering labels that don't wash out is

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to Monday when a few more friends will be starting in our family.